The story of Certainly has many starting points. The name was born in Arizona on September 9, 2004. When reading my two-page list of studio names to a close and respected friend, she responded with great insight and little effort after each name. "Too boring." "Not big enough." "No personality." She walked away. A few minutes later she returned and stated quite confidently, "Certainly! Simply because that's your response to any request or challenge."

The studio's physical space was first talked about on an early Saturday morning while hiking in Canyon Park in Monrovia, California. The idea was instantly embraced by my friend, fellow hiker, and key media executive, who is now my co-landlord.

The idea of establishing the firm is a little less precise in terms of dates. Long ago, I wanted to explore the notion of working in a design environment that values innovation and conceptual thinking, where clients and designers work as one, and where the power of content and the strength of design can create stunning results. Many along my path have encouraged me from the Parsons faculty and fellow students, my former ABC colleagues, and friends who have seen my pleasure from things well-designed.
At the intersection of design + content.

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